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This is the guiding principle of Lawrence Howard & Associates, Inc. (LH&A), a full-service public relations, advertising and market research firm that was founded in 1996. To be successful in the communications industry, we earn the trust of our clients, vendors and associates and are viewed as a valuable resource and partner.

Dependability, loyalty and integrity are essential ingredients in this equation and we take these responsibilities quite seriously. Our top priorities are to always be available to our clients, to demonstrate that we can be trusted with important information and projects and to consistently deliver high-quality solutions in a timely manner.

We work extremely hard in developing and strengthening relationships on a daily basis. This includes establishing a close rapport with the key reporters and editors in the industries we service. It also means investing time with our clients -- at the outset of our relationship and on an on-going basis -- so we maintain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all important details of the business.

The average tenure of our clients exceeds eight years.

This continuity of service adds increased value to the client-agency relationship and promotes a shared trust and understanding of business practices that produces long-term benefits.

If you share these beliefs in philosophy, we invite you to learn more about LH&A.

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